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Estee Lauder, please bring back the original formula! It's intoxicating, classy, elegant, complex, and feminine.

I t was really beautiful and had a little sweetness in it. The scent matches its name-- it's simply beautiful.

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although everyone smells fragrance slightly differently :-) What did remind me of Beautiful was the lovely floral fragrance, Escada.

I smelled this on a lovely older woman last night, and she said this is what she was wearing. It is a powerhouse so 2 spritzes are enough to create a beautiful sillage.

I don't know that I would purchase this fragrance again since it sounds like the formula has changed and is not as impressive as the vintage.

However, I'd be perfectly comfortable blind-buying this fragrance based on the notes. I reach for this almost 9 out of 10 times as a collector of perfume I do wear quite a few other scents yet if I put something other than Beautiful edp on I regret it. She so loved Beautiful (her favorite perfume along with Jill Sander 4) that I asked a friend to buy it in the US but she didn't recognized the scent, so changed it was.

On her it was primarily a very sweet tuberose (looking at the notes, the mimosa is probably responsible for the sweetness). I think that the insense I was smelling yesterday is galbunum. There is also a huge bouquet of flowers with a bit of citrus for balance. Starts with a big blast of flowers and incense....dries down nicely.

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