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Card from American Express will particularly appeal to anyone who spends a decent amount at supermarkets and gas stations.The fact that you earn this cash back automatically is particularly convenient, as some other cash back cards require you to sign up each quarter to receive the higher cash back percentages.GSPAY provides a credit card payment gateway allowing you to clear all major credit cards against very competitive rates. If you use the GSPAY you will benefit of a substantial sales increase, as well as lower costs.

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Even if your credit score did take a slight hit after canceling a rake of cards — which is not a given — you would bump it back to the previous level by keeping your balance low (relative to your maximum overdraft) and paying your bill on time.

That said, closing an account with no balance and no late or missed payments will remain on your credit score for approximately 10 years, according to credit-card comparison site Credit

Other good news: As of July 1, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, started a new policy that will raise about 12 million consumers’ credit scores.

On that date, the agencies began collecting more specific information about the public records that are included on credit reports, including bankruptcies, civil judgments and tax liens — which means consumers won’t be penalized as severely as they previously were for those black marks on their credit histories.

Dear Moneyologist, I became ill suddenly and had to retire at 62. I re-grouped, saved, saved and saved, put two children through college and rose through the ranks at work.

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