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It was constructed during the 4th century BC, as one of the largest structures of its kind in Northern Europe, but was already abandoned during the 2nd century BC, when the houses were burned down and the whole site levelled to the ground.

The area was used for agricultural purposes during the 1st century AD, after which it was abandoned and left to the bog.

The 450 m long moat, was 4 m wide, 1,5 m deep and with a flat bottom.

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For a long time, the Borremose-fortification was the only known Iron Age fortified settlement in Scandinavia, until a similar construction was discovered at Lyngsmose near Ringkøbing in western Jutland in 1999.

Because of this, such structures are sometimes referred to as "Borremose-fortifications", regardless of their whereabouts.

Her finder du intimpartnere i en stilfuld, spændende atmosfære.

Developed under royal decree from 1868 until 1874, the harbour was officially opened in 1874, with rail connections to Varde and to Fredericia, an important hub on the east coast of Jutland.

Since Borremose is so inaccessible, it is estimated to hold many interesting finds for the future.

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