Dating with padded bra safety on internet dating

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Although the British produced girdles at least as good and strong as their American counterparts, they never quite produced the same quality of panty-girdle although Marks & Spencer came closest.

Almost a decade later than America, at the beginning of the 1970's, even with such beautiful girdles on offer, the majority of Britain's women suddenly realised that a social revolution had occurred.

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The only one in our collection comes from the late 1950s / early 1960s when corsets were definitely on the way out. It appears that this was not a corset for the regular wearer, but a device more akin to a laced girdle that might be worn just for those special occasions.

The fabulous satin elastic M&S girdle from the 1960's.

It only came to our attention recently that Marks & Spencer also sold corsets.

That so few survive suggests that they were not well made (unlikely) or that they simply were not popular.

Where American women spent one or two decades in the panty-girdle, the British were late adopting it and early to discard it. The models on the left come from 1977, 19 and, like the model on the right possess the (artificial) satin panels that were the hallmark of its American cousin. All had bones at It would take another decade before boning at the waist would be eliminated but by then, few women were wearing them any more.

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