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The same study found the rate to be similar across income levels and racial and ethnic groups.

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"My husband says sometimes we have our own language." Her parents, Rankin Bowen and Raydell Wasicek, began dating when they were in high school, and soon after Raydell's younger sister, Doris, got together with Rankin's identical twin, Dyer.

"I thought Rankin was very good looking, and my sister told me there was another one just like him," Doris Bowen said.

Children conceived from such unions, often called "double cousins" because they're first cousins twice over, are genetically more similar than cousins, but share fewer genes than siblings. That biological link, combined with the time double cousins often spend together during childhood, may explain why many say they are as close as brothers and sisters.

Julie Inza grew up on the same cul-de-sac in Richmond as her double cousin Chris Bowen.

Because of this, parents often don’t see sibling abuse as a problem until serious harm occurs.

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