Does intelligence matter dating

by  |  20-Sep-2017 21:34

While these are very attractive traits to a company seeking a new hire, these are actually very unattractive, counterproductive traits in a woman while dating.In the dance of dating for traditional, heterosexual men and women, the chase is part of the excitement and fuels the attraction.

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Rumor has it men are threatened by intelligent women. He’s not looking for a business partner, he’s looking for a lover, friend, partner, spouse.

This rumor is spread, for the most part, by intelligent women who are overlooked by men in favor of someone else who they deem to be dumber. As a matter of fact, intelligence isn’t really a huge factor in attraction. And therefore, his criteria is different for selecting someone than for instance your bosses.

Unlike with men, the skills and traits that make women successful at work actually work against them in romantic situations.

If we describe this as intelligence we are missing the point.

Some women who are very driven, have found ways to compensate for this.

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