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"When your emotions rip and your hormones pump, the last thing that matters is personnel policy." High-profile romances, including those in the Oval Office, have focused national attention on issues of sex and privacy in the workplace.President Clinton first responded to allegations of an affair with Monica Lewinsky with indignant denials.But experience is showing that such rules are all but impossible to enforce.

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The accused officer retired, and the female officer suddenly began experiencing investigations, transfers and suspensions instigated by the police chief.

Ultimately she sued the Board of Police Commissioners.

This Legal Advisory clarifies the 2018 thresholds for: (1) determining which senior employees are subject to the post-employment restrictions; (2) identifying which officers and employees must file public financial disclosure reports; and (3) implementing the outside employment and outside earned income restrictions for certain covered noncareer employees.

This Legal Advisory clarifies that the discussion in OGE Informal Advisory Opinion 93x21 concerning the acceptance of donations from anonymous sources does not, and has not, reflected OGE's views since shortly after the issuance of that opinion.

As personnel director, I'd signed on to do training, oversee benefits and administer labor contracts--not talk to staff members about potential violations of our new anti-fraternization policy.

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