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She was a friend who took a deep interest in the people who worked for her, even if just part time.

All three of the other girls had worked for her the previous season, with Kendra having even worked the one before that.

"Still, I don't think this is going to be a high point on my resume." Phoebe didn't need to remind herself just how lucky she'd been to even get this part time job as she stepped out of the make-shift dressing room and headed out to the front of the store to begin her shift.

As holiday jobs went, the pay wasn't bad, the hours were flexible, and the people fun to work with.

"Well it's not the worst job I've ever had," the twenty-two year old blonde thought.

She pinned up her long hair to better hide it beneath the floppy red cap, remembering the varied assortment of things she had done to make ends meet back in her school days.

A lot more than most of the employees at First National Trust where she had been employed for the last two years.

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