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The banks continued to operate independently until 1985 when law changes allowed them to formally merge. I been up there 4 times and the first time I was told by the lady in the Lancaster branch that m dish bill was perfect. she in fact set right in front of me call the person who will be if and then said she was satisfied. Today, Regions is the 22nd largest bank in the US with over 1700 branch locations.

She will call me back and she did bring a lease or nothing.

So I went to the office and begged for the original lease and then they gave me the front page signed it and I rushed to the bank by 4 pm yesterday. I am still negtive and nothing fixed can’t work cause I have no gas to make more money and I can’t even buy a 5 dollar pack of diapers cause of this .

My entire reason for going to the bank first thing that morning was to make sure the money would be available.

She could have shown common courtesy by informing me that the system was down and it may take a couple of hours to post.

I have proof from my Uber that the 60 and 21 posted on the 24th before the other things came over out of my account and yet it shows the 27tg and I’m being charged. I step up to be waited on, I stated good morning, Cashier stated good morning, she finished with my deposit and stated to me have a good day girly! YOU do not refer to use as girly that is a racism slur.

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