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Are you, as the children of those pioneers, who now enjoy ail the peace and comfort of this (avored land, and occupy those homes, sufficiently impressed with the sacrifices your parents made ; with their heroism and their fortitude, their hope and trust ? He was not satisfied, and after a residence of about eighteen months he sold his large farm, came to Michigan, and settled in Adrian.Do you realize what kiod of fathers and mothers they were, what they did for you and humanity ? Chittenden, Joel Carpenter, Washington Harwood, Henrv Hart. He had made a short stop at Adrian when going to Iowa, and was so well pleased with the place that he came here as soon as he could sell his property in Iowa, coming in March, 1865.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Several other entries of land were made in the township that year, and on the evening- of the first day of No- vember, two days after their settlement, there was a most important arrival, consisting- of the family of Charles Ames, comprising his wife and four children, Elizabeth, Henry, William and Ezra Miss Ball, sister of Mrs. This was the founda- tion of the present prosperous city of Hudson. Kidder built a mill, and Dudley Worden opened a store. Lane and his brother, Erastus, moved m and determined to found a village in opposition to Mr. The settlement prospered, the first election being held April 4th, 1836, when B. Lane as postmaster, and the entire settlement was formallv con- solidated as Lanesville. The city contains eight churches, many of them fine edifices, all well attended and in flourishing condition. Hosted by Google RECORD OF LENAWEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN. The first settlement made on Section 6, Town 9, rang^e 1 east, where the village of Morenci now stands, was in 1833. Jephtha Whitman built the first log house, in which he lived and kept a store and postoffice. The first Methodist church edifice was dedicated in Maj, 1852, E. The first plat of the village was made in 1852 by Franklin Cawley, who platted an addi- tion in 1858. From this time, 1852, until the present the village has steadily ^rown m importance and wealth. Many facts and incidents of the early settlement will be found in this interesting paper: Beaver Dam, Wis., Nov. To THE Baptist Church in Adrian, Mich.: Dear Brethren — ***** My father with his family reached Adi'ian Sept. His strong and cheerful words were a note of joy to my mother's heart and to my owe. Bodley, at Saline, was seat for, because he was the nearest Baptist minister. Booth, Goodman and Merrill were a g'ood deal farther away. He has never been an office seeker, although a party man and earnest Republican. He has long been considered a thorough banker and financier. When he was six years old, his father, Ezra Bertram 1st, was a sailor, commanded an ocean merchant ship and lived in Redding, Conn., his family consisting of his wife and four children. When he was yet a child his father, Ezekiel Smith, moved to Vermont on the river Lamoille, where he followed farming until 1798. Ezekiel Smith (Mary Flint) was drowned in the Lamoille river. He afterwards moved to Manchester, On- tario, where he lived until his death. He was one of the very first settlers on Wolf Creek, his neig-hbors being Cary Rogers, who lived on Section 7, in Adrian, and John Wood, who lived on Section 1, in Logan, now Rome, and William Hawiey, who lived one mile south. Smith was fore- most m all the first public improvements. He has lived upon this land ever since that time, and has subdued it from a wilderness erecting good buildings and making a valuable farm. White has always lived in Fairfield Village, where he was educated. His parents, Moses and Jane (Manning) Tobias, were natives of New York, being born respectively in Ulster and Dutchess Counties, both of whom died at White Pigeon, this State, (Moses, September 30, 1876 ; his wife, Jane, May 7, 1876.) Charles M. Angelina Tobias was born in Dover township, July 4, 1835.

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Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. The Ohio Dairy Company commenced the man- ufacture of condensed milk in 1902, and consumes daily more than 13,000 pounds of milk, the product being about 4.800 pounds. religion, but a kind, good-hearted neighbor, and he allowed us to go into his ball-room the next day for Sunday services, for the Methodists were occupying the schoolhouse thai stood by the old cemetery. His gift for "story telling" was remarkable, being able to frustrate the "other side" with apt sayings and ridiculous comparisons, often convulsing the Court and jury. Bates, daugh- ter of John and Aveline (Calvin) Bates, of Hartland, Orleans County, N. and they became parents of twelve children, Ezra, Jr., being the fourth child and third son. Ezra Bertram, Jr., subject of this sketch, was born upon the farm that he now owns, on Section 2*) in Rome, and has always lived there. He now owns a fine farm of 245 acres, under a good state of cultivation. was born in Philadelphia, Pa., January S, 1818, a few days after his mother arrived from Scotland. [For her family relation, see Solomon Force's record in this volume.] Clarissa, born in Fairfield, this county, October 1, 1855, died September 19, 1881; Janet, born same place, June 24, 1857, married Thos. Pickles, is the mother of four children, and resides in Fairfield; George, born in same place, June 26, 1861. Elizabeth Service was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, February 15, 1817, and died in Fairfield, this county. She was the only member of her family that ever came to America. After a residence in Adrian of about twenty years, he purchased a farm on Section 24 in Dover, where he still resides. He disposed of his in- terests there in 1880, and in 1881 he went to Saginaw, Mich., and established a wholesale drug- store. In 1860 he severed his connection with Duryee & Forsyth, and came to Blisslield, Mich., where he purchased the Almond Harrison property, consisting of a farm of 160 acres, and grist mill and saw mill. 1819, and is now living, in good health, with her daughter. Jipson came to Blissiield when he was nine years old. In 1865 he became a stu- dent in Hillsdale College for one year. Carter, one of the most prominent pioneers of Ogden, this county, who came to Michigan in 1832. Adeline is the wife of Frank Billington, and resides in the city of Adrian. Knowles, has a son, Clarence D., and resides in the city of Adrian ; Thaddeus, born October 13, 1853, and died December 19. Her father was a native of New York, and died in Rome, at his old home, on Section 13, May 7. His wife who was Miss Olive Payne, was a native of Rhode Island. Twelve of these children grew to Hosted by Google 188 ILLUSTRATED HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHICAL maturity. Mary Ana (Bash) Hensel was bora in Bell, West- moreland County, Pa., April 2, 1841. Y., April 21, 1827, and was the son of David and Hannah (Cross) White, who were pioneers in Niagara County. White came to Michigan with his parents in Hosted by Google 1840, and settled on Section 26, in Fairfield. Besides being cashier and director in the Adrian State Savings Bank, he is a stockholder and director in the Adrian Telephone Company, stockholder, director and treasurer of the Times Printing Company of Adrian, and a stockholder in the Page Woven Wire Fence Company, the Lamb Wire Fence Company, and several other business enterprises of Adrian.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. In 1902 the Morenci cheese factory made more than 148,000 pounds of cheese. The room was so well sealed that it seemed to us that the old gentleman must have borrowed chairs from nearly every house in the village. In September, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Third Regi- ment, Michigan Cavalry, and served through the great Rebellion. The regiment was rendezvoused at Grand Rapids in the fall of 1861, proceeded to St. He served his township as Supervisor for two terms, three terms as Hig^hway Commissioner, School Director, etc., etc. Patience (Daniels) Ber- tram was born in Madison, Somerset County, Maine, November 1, 1840, and came to Michigan with her parents in 1856. His father, James Service, was a native of Scotland. One of her brothers was a soldier in the English army, and died in India. Jr., resides on Section 29 in Fair- field, where he has lived since he came to Michigan. December 18, 1859, James Cadoo married Miss Eliza M, Magill, and they had three chil- dren, John, the subject of this sketch, being the oldest. Eliza (Magill) Cadoo was born near Belfast, Ireland, November 14, 1833. Clark being among the first and most prominent and successful merchants of Lenawee County. He re- mained in Saginaw until the fall of 1884, when the busi- ness was disposed of and he returned to his home. Clark married Miss Sophia Maude Wetmore, daughter of Timothy Robert and Mary Ann Sophia Wetmore of Gagetown, Queens County, New Brunswick, Can- ada, and one son was born to them, who died in infancy. Sophia Maude (Wetmore) Clark was born in Hosted by Google 184 f LLUSTRATED HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHICAL Gagetown, New Brunswick, June 19, 1850, and came to Adrian in ■ 1876 with her brother, the late Charles I. Her father was born in Frederickton, New Brunswick, May 3, 1803, and died in Gagfetown, December 26, 1883, November 19, 1845, he married Miss Marj- Ann Sophia Bonnell, and they had nine children, seven of whom are now living^. Mary Ann Sophia (Bonnell) Wetmore was born in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada, February 24, 1819, and resides with Mrs. The mill property he sold in 1870, but carried on the farm, where he resided until his death, which occurred March 8, 1875. Jipson married Miss Jane Ely, daughter of Asa Bly, of Log City, Madison County, N. Hosted by Google RECORD OF LENAWEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Her parents were natives of Massachusetts, and went to Madison County, N. In 1869 he entered the Agri- cultural College at Lansing. Glenwood married Beruice Lewis, and resides in Rome. 1853; Jes- sie E., born January 23, 1857, married Albert Knowles of Rome, and has one child, Edith May. Emcline Smith was born in Seneca, Ontario County, N. Her ancestors came from Hol- land early in the history of the country. Hensel are at this time (1903), in good health, and retain all their faculties to a remarkable degree. In 1847 he went to Fairfield Village and learned the wa^on makers' trade with William Mc Names. Baker, daughter of John and Polly Baker, and they were the parents of seven children, [For her family record see sketch of A. He is a member of the Presbyterian church of Adrian, and has been president of the Young Men's Christian Association of Adrian since its incorporation under the State law.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. The village has recently expended over S14.000 in laying- brick pavement upon the principal streets, and the business places are lighted with electricity. Clinton Village is situated on the northern border of the county, in the Township of Clinton, on the Jackson branch of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad. The village is surrounded by a fine farming country, was incorporated in 1869, has a bank, good hotels, and is an important shipping point. The Township of Deerfield was set off from Blissfield in 1867, and the village of Deerfield was incorporated in 1872. Carpenter, Gersham Noyes, David Wiley, Maria Hutchens, Lydia Whitney, Delia Older, Eliza Gouldsbury, Lydia Thursting, Eunice Rickey, Nancy Rickey, Lucy French, Elizabeth Parker, Cynthia Upton, Elizabeth Carpenter, Amy Fitch, Lois Stone. A strong spirit of brotherly love possessed us, and our hearts were full of the joy and hope of the new church life. He was brought up a farmer, and received his education in the country schools, and one year at Evans' Business College. CLARK was born in Adrian, Mich., November 22, 1837. He returned to Blissfield in 1875 and for three years carried on his father's farm. March 1, 1900, it was reorganized as the Jipson-Carter State Bank, with a capital of S25, O0O, Mr. After two years at Meadville, he entered the Ohio University at Athens, and graduated with the de- gree of Bachelor of Arts in 1893. Her father, Anson Dickinson 2, was born in Blissfield, this county, December 31, 1834. Dickinson's father, Clement Carpenter, Anson Dickinson 2 grew to manhood in Potsdam, but returned to Blissfield in 1854, where he has resided ever since. , which is now being operated as a cheese-box factory by his sons, Lewis A. Wil- liam Humphrey, in this volume.] NATHAN NASH was born at Stoney Creek, near Hamilton, Canada, February 12, 1832, and came to Michigan with his parents in June. His father, Samuel Nash, was born in Norwalk, Conn., April 10, 1805, and was the son of Nathan and Barbara (Brown) Nash, who were natives of Connecticut. January b, 1828, Samuel Nash "married Miss Sarah M. [For a sketch of his life, see Whitney & Bonner's History and Biographical Record of Lenawee County, Vol.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. For railroad facilities the main line of the Wabash railroad, the Fayette branch of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, and the Toledo and Western electric line furnish adequate and complete- service. It is a thriv- ing borough of about 1,000 inhabitants, and some considerable trade is done there in merchandise, live stock and farm produce. John Whitney was the moderator of this meeting, and William Foster (afterwards received by baptism), was clerk. We had come from warm living churches, torn ourselves away from loving Christian hearts, hoping that bye-and-bye, before many years, there would be some little church somewhere in those woods that we could unite with, and now to start off so soon, so strongly and so unitedly was away beyond what we had dreamed of. He now owns a farm on Section 17, in Madison, where he resides, and carries on dairying and general farming. In the spring of 1879 he went to Georgetown, Colo.. He afterwards entered the employ of the Denver & R. Railroad as draughtsman in the chief engineer's office at Den- ver. be returned to Blissfield, and in 1885 the bank of Jipson, Carter & Co. In August, 1893, he came to Michigan, settling in BHssfield, where he was engaged as superin- tendent of the public schools. Dickinson, of Blissfield, and they have two children, as follows : Linda, born Au- gust 31, 1891, (by previous marriage of Mrs. His father, Anson Dick- inson 1, died in August, 1834, leaving his wife and children in the wilderness. October 3, 1856, Anson Dickinson married Miss Mary J. and Mary (Whit- ney) Loorais, of Madrid, N, Y., and they have three children, as fol- lows : David E., born April .30. All that is known of the ancestors of the Nash family is that early in our national his- tory, three brothers came from England, and from them the Nash family in the United States descended. Becker, daughter of Garardus and Sarah (Finney) Becker, and they were the parents of ten children, five sons and five daughters, nine of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. 2, page 229.] Nathan Nash, the subject of this sketch, was raised a farmer, but worked two years at blacksmithing in Connecticut.

Mji Ki PP ft Bomr&s i I: ^ ■ t' ^, ■■..■■...* M 1 ■' ' ' ■ ' i: f- — :i ^s^o^^ 7935 Bentley Historical Library l.,irl VV. Treasurer; David Horton, Secretary; David Bixby, Sen. The original charter was from Adrian to Bean Creek, but an extension was granted, and it was built as far as Gambleville, in Hillsdale county, where it intersected with the- Chicago turnpike. It is beautifully located and is the center of a fine farming rf g^ion. Ogden Center is a small village situated in the center of Ogden Township, with stores and posto ESce, but no railroad connection. They were Milton and Louis Foote, Pharez and Hannah Sutton,"Samuel and Ada Gregory, and Altha Sphink, In September, 1830, Adrian was put down on the plan of the Monroe Circuit as a week-night appointment. Finleywas put in charge, and he came once a month to preach in some private house. Carpenter and John Whitney were the first deacons, and John Whit- ney the first treasurer. Clay (father of our present well known banker, Frank W. It appears the question of the minister's salary occasioned the members some anxiety. Except one from New Hampshire and two from Vermont, I think we were all at first from Central and Western New York. I have seen in my father's log house, sitting on boards laid on logs between the two beds at one end of the room, and the large fire-place at the other and, sisters of the church and young women, who had come on toot five miles, and brethren who had come from the south settlement eight miles, with ox teams, to enjoy the Sabbath services, and to see the faces of brethren that were loved. The minutes show the next minister to visit the vil Sage was the Rev. In 1836 his wife died, when he abandoned the hotel and went to Philadel- phia, where he worked at the machinist trade for three years. Y., in 1789, came to Michigan soon after the war of 1812, settled in Blissfield, this county, in 1826, was the first hotel keeper in that settlement, and died there May 23, 1841.

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