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by  |  22-Aug-2017 19:06

Civillians in the Gaza region don't value life and have been brainwashed by their religious extremists to think that firing rockets into Israel can bring about a new change.

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I strongly believe the offensive should continue until Hamas agrees to stop sending rockets into Israel.

Israel should move deeper into Gaza destroying any obstacle.

Resolution should be indeed voted as to Islam wants to share the government of the world or continue to export everywhwre sectarian wars, killing, cowdard suicides and marthirdome, in order prepare to the world with terror and bloodshed for the ruling of the famous three Khalifs.

Did anyone catch what the Palestinian foriegn minister said yesterday when addressing the UN.

Funny didn’t they also agree to a cease fire which they have not upheld their end on. Is the humanitarian situation more important than the causes of these re-occuring conflicts in the Middle-East?

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