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That's a massively impressive number of people, accumulated over several years, but now being treated as a valuable resource to be exploited.Whenever @Londonist tweets something, 1,139,159 people might then click through to the website, especially if someone can make the tweet sound enticing enough.So far this month @Londonist has tweeted 216 times. 2) So far this month, has published 67 new articles.

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Whether you're looking for something new to do around Brick Lane, or wondering about London's bridges and how they got their names, Londonist's team of contributors know the city and its history inside out.

Appealing to map addicts, trivia junkies and Londoners-about-town alike, this new compendium showcases hand-drawn maps accompanied by some of the best of their writing.

I've clicked through to check them all, aided by the fact that Londonist stopped using date-specific web addresses last October.

A quarter of this month's tweets have been to posts from earlier in 2016, 10% have been dragged up from 2015, and the oldest resurrected article was from July 2011.

It doesn't do news any more, indeed it took a whole day to get round to referencing the Westminster terrorist attack.

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