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They believe in freedom of worship and practice of their own tribal culture and customs.Mudiraja tribes became Hindus but they never stopped worshipping mother Goddess, the essence of tribal warrior religion.By 1921, the Criminal Tribes Act was extended to all parts of India and new communities were continuously added to the list of 'criminal tribes'. As Indians follow caste professions, these mysterious (to the British) people too are hereditary criminals.

Members of these communities were seen to be "addicted to the systematic commission of non-bailable offences".

The Act provided for registration of members, restrictions on their place of residence, and their 'reform' by confinement in special camps where low-paid work could be extracted from them.

After their arrival, the native Dravidian tribes got mixed up with with them and developed matrimonial relations.

Thus the Dravidian Bhils, Aryans, Scythians, Indo-aryans and Indo-Scythians ruled this country just like native Indians.

A great many Mudiraja & related kings laid down their lives in opposing the Islamic invaders who tried to destroy Hinduism and their Hindu culture.

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