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After several weeks of A&E visits and tests, Lucy and Mario were told that Luna had a brain tumour.‘I thought: “Oh my God”,’ she says quietly.She immediately had her implants removed and replaced, but at the forefront of her mind was Luna’s health.

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Not for a moment did she consider the answer could lie in an act of vanity, carried out long before she had children.

Twelve years ago, Lucy, 40, from Watford, Hertfordshire, paid £3,500 for a breast enlargement operation, taking her from a B cup to a D.

‘But I know I had this toxic stuff they were pumping into mattresses inside me, and I know it was leaking.

Could it have passed to Luna through my breast milk?

Harley Medical Group was the UK’s biggest provider of PIP implants and late last year the company deliberately went into administration, avoiding a potential multi-million-pound legal payout to a group of women demanding compensation.‘It was around then that I saw on the news the story about PIP implants.

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