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Still delayed telling me my refund would be processed This is not the way to do business, in my opinion.

On- line shopping is the future and Target needs to train staff how to package items and how to process refunds.

so basically im out of 300, now its been a year, telling me now its been way to long to do anything for me.. Reply I went to Target in Allentown, PA on 11/3/17 to get some Video Games for my kids for Christmas gifts. I picked out 2 Nintendo games & 1 Xbox game & took them up to the register.

Will report the issue to the NYS Attorney General’s office for fraud. Entering the store we found the aisles full of stock blocking the aisles very few decorations and limited Christmas items.

Will never order from Target again, I don’t care how good the sale. Reply I bought a hoover board last year on black friday, psid almost 300, it broke 3 months later, i have still yet to a call back from target, the manager told me rhe manufacturer would take care of it, they dont even call me back either.. I visited your store at Waxahachie and bought your Green&Black’s pure milk chocolate / sea salt for 4 pieces. We have more at our home than you had in the store.

i went this year, you sold another hooverboard no warranty. I now want to consume some and was surprised to find that the best before date is “20 Sept 2017”. 15, 2017 and the receipt number is REC#2-7288-1962-0075-0101–2, VCD#759-284-945. Stockers offered to help but if they don’t have stock out for me to purchase I can’t buy it! Plastic molded animals to add to our outdoor nativity scene.

I went to walmart bought plus got a 2 year warranty on it.. that i want fixed or replaced, they never even took it outside.. This store is very disappointing as we are new to the area.

They often work alone and when there is a line it can be stressful.

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