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Also I noticed as soon as Satchidanand emailed me, I got a down-pouring of light from above the crown which kept charging me up the rest of the day – and my cravings died out!

Then I realized the cravings were ego-blockages and that I did not want them.

It just kept wanting pleasurable things and to run away from responsibility. Then I felt all this peaceful energy throughout my whole body it felt like cosmic/space/universe energy.

I had to take a long good look at this guy, this type of me. Something like a peaceful energy from space (as if I had a whole entire universe inside my chest and body with the heart at the center).

Then also during this process, I had to see through the lights eyes to take a look at meand I saw all these faults. All this light just smothered me, my ego and gave it a lot of love and peace.

Shaktipat online dating

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