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Active kids can think and concentrate better, and both are critical skills in schoolwork too.

Active kids handle stress better and do not get bored or depressed as easily either.

Spain for their June 2014 issue in a strapless white dress, and although she looked absolutely gorgeous, all eyes went to her super-hunky boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo who was standing behind her—naked. Yep, the only thing standing between you and the soccer stud's family jewels is his 5-foot-10 brunette beauty (but then again, that's always the case, right?

)the first high fashion people to say yes when the rest said no [to the shoot]," Shayk said.

The same man, whose winning odds of 1,666,666-to-one are believed to be a world record, scooped £157,000 from a £2.50 accumulator in 1999 when Manchester United won the Champions League final.

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