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“[Autoplay] has been a major source of annoyance for users, pushing a minority to install extensions to disable autoplay,” says Google.

“It is also regularly mentioned as one of the issues with the user experience on the Web.

Either, directly on the media content or on another part of the UI.” Chrome’s new audio-blocking policy, therefore, shouldn’t ruin the Netflix viewing experience, as it’s likely that users would have a high media engagement score for the site, and they’d also have to click a video to start it.

However, users would have to manually enable audio if they followed a direct link to a Netflix video. The policy could affect the Amazon Prime Video viewing experience though, as “it is possible that the Media Engagement score will be polluted by the shopping part of the website as the users would likely visit Amazon very often without any sort of media interaction”.

Let’s take a look at the evidence, and try to work out whether surveillance-driven advertising is really taking place, or if it is really nothing more than good, old-fashioned, coincidence.

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