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Make no mistake: everything, but everything must be mobilized to ensure that the meeting is effective: preparing the room, being sure about the availability of participants, being clear about the function of the meeting and its aims, dealing with time management, ensuring that people listen, even pay attention to each other, treating their input with some degree of common decency…We are so far off the mark, though, when it comes to meetings.Business Management, Change Management, Communication Problems, Conflict Management, Empowering Men, Empowering Women, Multicultural Concerns, Self-Esteem, Workplace Issues Author, Consultant, Speaker/Presenter “People are sovereign individuals and can choose to manage their own change”Edith SAMOUILLET is founder of Turning points LLC global-organization development consultancy, based in Lakewood, Colorado USA.

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There needs to be time devoted to exploring, to developing, controlling and, finally, a time for building cohesion and consensus.

If a meeting goes through these four phases, participants will get far more out of attending.

Deciding properly in a participative meeting requires mobilizing each person’s resources.

Now it will be possible to build an Action Plan that has such a better chance of receiving everyone’s approval.

The numbers are eloquent* During strategic and operational meetings To stop such a hemorrhage for meetings that should be participative and where the consequences of the decision being made are going to concern most of the participants present, I propose using the principles of Team Management Systems (TMS,

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