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The recent price is 80 percent higher than it was when Obama took office in the midst of a worldwide recession, which had dampened demand. But the price under Obama has never equaled the historic high of more than per gallon that it reached in June and July 2008, before he took office. This report follows our October 2013 update and previous quarterly reports dating back to our first “Obama’s Numbers” article in October 2012.

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But that’s not entirely due to “discouraged workers” dropping out because they believe no jobs are available, as some Obama critics would have you believe.

Other labor-force dropouts include members of the baby-boom generation, who are retiring in droves.

CMS officials also published their findings in a Jan. But the nonpartisan number-crunchers at CMS said in their authors suggested the slowdown in health spending may only be temporary, as has been the case after past recessions. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service. “Corporate Profits After Tax (without IVA and CCAdj) (CP).” Data extracted .

Health care spending consumed a record 17.4 percent of the nation’s entire economic output in the recession-plagued year of 2009. “Time Series: Seasonally Adjusted Home Ownership Rate.” Data extracted . “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Data as of January 10, 2014).” Data extracted . “Food stamps will get cut by $5 billion this week — and more cuts could follow.” Washington Post Wonkblog.

The rate actually peaked in early 2000 and declined 1.5 percent under Obama’s predecessor.

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