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When Congress cumes together after the holiday reoev*. that can be pro- l*»red by the Treasury l N'purtment with the msinj •nice of the suggested commission, and not the lie*! Lovk, the president of the Universal Peace Union, seud* us for edito- rial notice*' * paper containing an to the German Emperor asking that monarch to give up to France, by voluntary act. think it over ; Imomm"— ire pained la tbe rand, end looked at me garlv — "we do not know what may In* ih'ireraiing upon ft, "Tlret l*n renatm," I nnawered. st H**kiug in n low voire, nnd with a aearrbing kink at nre. |M.-riin|»-, Ilian mint-, hut with io muf tin effect intended I fa -on hml tin lioaitil ; mir that m.iri-inn-, in n*-a«ub Uiig all the aril nmi beauty uf thu province, was aiming at tilings higlref than amusement Ami I nm hound to cnnfc** Unit il wn* dil Hrull to mix with tin- Tirotvc winch filled tin- rmnu«, to run the gaunt- let of bright eye* nml witty toil rue*. air of diguliy from the fnrimdity of lirer d re ss fpm the height of the pow« dcreil hull i hal wa« -ir.ihuil upward from her for: head; from tire sliffiw-i' of her 1 irelilri Mt. Without cheek " Milliard, madam.— " "Hut lire King la low gmal." Mndanre U Matquiae nn (Vrml. " He should have made rl M-m register the edin* However, thu 1‘ailiuiikent lias nlwnvs given way. vetc." Hie Ahlre n-tortml, smiling in- diligently " Bill il i» m longer a ip K-dhm of lire Pailla- mrnt ; nml Hie Slates General Stiitcs- General pus*." umdninc tvapemded, gnsndljr. " •‘It will not." madanre answered; "hi* Mnjeatr will prevent it." And with ii won I --r iw« more sin- dismissed Hie Alda- und turned to m- She tuppisl nu no Ha- -le Hil- derwith her f Hn. "I do not know wbut 1 am to aar U- you Indeed, the -el "nut Victor gave ttre ym U-rda V. I hnidlv km-w wlrethet to expect ymt litis ewui B^ or not. will answer for my heart, mndanre," I answered laying my bund up-m it llernym twlnkhd kindly "Then." tire Mid. unwiaieur." Ami she turned witli a fine nir of ceremony and led me to her daughter "lb nife, " she miu I. aiul this year hi- Literary- and Social Eisuys appiwi in a volume nuilisl f r the library sln-lf, ho liow It Is |Msv»ible to base witli- -a rvaeli a tiderahly Complete mlhv-linn of the U-.t fruit. All coivcs-nt emlurut men whom Mr God- win ku long riratluiiril that Ire waachieen ars lire finest per-uu to tell their surviving rnntemporaire* wlml mautirr of men they were and wluit wo* ihu wink that f hey nceomplialicil A grarii Hi N and treiglil K-rir spirit appears In Hm- report uf tin- sj H-i i-il cnmmi Uce of the oily louueil of tjire-lioa- appointisl to oottslik-r lire appllntliou "of teilnin Amer him citl/ens fire |K-rmbjiiiti ti4iimemla that pi-rniireioii l» given io build bint »ucb a muuuiireut on such a site, und su in M.-rilwd as tbe council mar upprovr. «ml■ •.'ft*, feet, and w ill In- three nt'-rie* in faerebt. Ib re *u ,1 imin win* f, Might at Al HM'am II ml at Getty nburg mnl In twenty ntln-r t|i's[M-ruin Imltles f'-r lire 1 'nb'B. hirn out of the xrrvic K When lie told Low lie hud been forrxd tn pny for hi* pulier cupt Him y tbe tht'-ug ill tire oouintiue ruucu nmned ripe fur lynching. ne pin* king hi* slrevt- lb* tumid saw one nf Hie Seicit. ri-iicl il ng ■iii tn grn*p lit* lund Tew*, were ru ruling down tbe S* n- ntut H i licell* Alt Ills Culbu goes ntul the m Uirnel f«»r the i'caiiaiittet'. Jicr Ik»jh\ befot B Ireal Hs I p Tjury on pfjvrr, Now llrey vtrr.' full uf dn , v,l The eye* darted front Crrcden't fare to Guff'* und luirk uraiu All color left kisenuatwtumn Tlu -biftttig, furtive green Ofh* *• e«u, d set In n triii»k of il Mk. Tic [jy iiliag» n wa* kui Hmnt Mal to the dmir lie alirnnk from its touch ** If it were Coiled with dralh ih-ding wire* Ablrrl physical lii*. It »n* hunt tn Is-llere tlul ill i* liutnhle self securing m*u wa* the wenn r l»f tin- ‘m:e proud UDifurin of a New York pi -lire ruptain. not futlowtil by any *mlt tide uf feeltug 11* that which follow id Crwrivn"*. I*A*A«AAA*A*a*a*a*a*A4A*a*a*a*A4a*a*A*A«a* A*a4A4A*A*A*A*a*a*a*/\*A*A4,\*a«a*7\J J)([o6\/ ^axpiid Me/ ^ciai E- Tho cloflant and faahlonabl* Parisian World uses : finn Me Cm! No shrewd politician will close his eyes to the fact that with it tfieal many excellent citizens parly allegiance has become a very uncertain quantity ; that the idea of punishing their own party for hi iseoud uct or for a failure to meet its pledge*, either hr slaying away from the pills or hy voting directly for the candidates of the opposite party, has lost to them nil it* terror*, that machine politic* have become very odious: that the |K*#*e6sun and manipulation of the patronage ill tlie old spoils fash- ion has again mid again proved far more injurious than beneficial to party fortunes, nod that since IStst that national purly which at the lime was in p imr-%* ion of the office* has unifonnl r i#*en defeated .that can he obtained iii spin* of the ignorance of currency question* now prevailing in Congress. that part of Alsure- I/rruiiie in which the population still u*e* the French language. Ij OYE thinks that “this restitution will establish u la-ting bund of friend ship tat ween the two nation*, and thus in all pnib- ability ta tlio lirst step toward disarmament, jx-r- haps even a guarantee of universal peace,” I In also thinks it "evident that the realisation of this suggestion depends new-titiully on one condition; that the ma. quickly, "for thinking more before I—" "It i* a reason for thinking more Irefore you reftise." Ire anhl. and thin time not Hit.lling Then he turned to hi* horse; tire servant ire'd the Mlf Ttip while Ire mounitsl. "a contract la n contract, and the Montagues ami Captilrta. Hut all llu.* satire we must g.wav— ov Avpi YJies nan, wc must go one way — or separate, at Cvatt, I Hunk ao." And nodding pleasantly, as If he had littered In them. be i.m Ii* ,.( 7^ | dimly, from one end nf France t*. br iliac T" • No, I have rot had the honor of seeing mailemokelle. 1 hud time tn note this nnd tn fiuicy that en-U ill a larger Mould sire would lure been suprenrelt luu-la'-nii- ; and limn lire holy bcskle l«-r. and the child— -die w-n* little more h«)Ju wa* sarin? It is interesting to notice that the nrenmittn- in b* re- port invariably sprakaof tire c IHmim *if tin L'ol Utl Sutea os "tire Americana." Ikiuhlh-** in »o doing it merely fotlnwa Canadian custom But it ia mid that such « cus- tom should obtain, nnd that Canadturi K. should habitually ridok Ic to o* lit* whole of it name in which by right they hold a jawn inter nit. The drill-room i*2|a - IJftlol in size Each company, buttery, nnd troop ha* q UHttv IW of II* own. I gripptd him He ni Hile h U*i pitiful effort at hr avad. During Ms reciial file ili Mrict attorney nnd l*u of lii** nv*i*tnc L* lis tea** I to every ward, uud ramie ttiemoraiiiin 1.* guide them in u*kiug tin- tir Ntu I Jury 10 indict high |«.l|. He wilt from all these experiences draw the in- evitable conclusion that the leader who in his en- deavors to strengthen his |uirlv relies mainly on the acquisition and distribution nf plunder in its va rious shapes, mid on the building up of machines, is fundamentally mistaken, and that the strength of a party really rest* ujmii tin* popular confidence it wins by the service it render* to tlie cause of good government.This year, when the demand is small, the Isiiikx arc unable to decrease their circulation materially. Whatever happens, y iki shall never have need to fear me.

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We are inclined to think that the movement recommended by' Mr. coldly; " I do not think that Ihr mutter is *0 simple Tire King must have money or Ire bankrupt . What an extraordinary oasis of high thinking lire Morn ingsidr Heights district will lie when all the liilelicetlli U Iasi Itiitliiib, I save Ireen «k*m Idled then-. n shark- of Cnnilrehige in M;isih tt», Gotbirm only half an hour away 1 One would like to »*-* what twenty veurs will make of thnt region, what the Cathislral will look like, -vhat the nt too* I dote of It will be. Tbe Utter hv |«itbo*b seems to muat iu Vertigalom Olot V |ireib- :i | ■ Hilt In eillwr cao* it I* rrmveaient to apr-alt of the antiilotnl BUUtance whteli tbe M-rum of the immune animal contiiina h* an nutitoxlue. How al range il iatlmt Nature should fashion till rumple lr The li»som Silken lily *o dclieal Hy aw »*f. Digitized by Goog A l(h-vr IN TIIB MAUr U-n K»T CLKVAUXII Tlt UMl* ff otuvn »nr|.. Marching through lb* 1 *tr«-rta, n no ►nonet Iw M llie h-*s prol- that » fully equipped Bi'litiity r.rcunizatioii of infaulry, artillery . nml Ibf public fell tlinl it bird need of the moral iupp|aol |o Id* telephone and repeated the mrungc to the itdjuliint Htn) the Him' major* of the rv-Klmetii Tlw*r- eflti*-i» ui onre telephoned to the (.iplains mnl lldllctllinta, obo in turn noiitleil ilail tlr- w-i* rvcelrod l ulxiiel NS iiirney reporteil In the Oorefi Kir llutl the city ctunpanleti. i H'Iso Mlng you tlio Isuvi of muten- I ion t N-twoon your two powerful neighbor* Your new birth brought golden dream* to tile ' old China bunds. 0 t-f m-Kin M mmn- “ and •/ MA f Miraiw*, tall Otaiyea* 41 A record of ortr hall a cm far/ re a guarantee that cannot bo gatitranod. those legislative measure*, that degree of home- rule, which they think necessary for the establish- ment of good government in the city.

a war ot revenge against Germany, oj restoring to France ouly the French sinking strip of the lost provinces; and if, iu spite of all this, such an ar- rangement rquld really ta effected, it would, in- stead of removing the dunger of war, rather ta calculated to bring it on. all will go well." Hut lii* new* hod mured roy antigonism. the people bnvr no ni-mev to pay him I do not see how thing* can go back Into tbe old stale." Al. -sim I the highly in telbgenl |ieupb- who ei Hiibwl (he iiistilutiotis have round tia-ir homes near bv! urni whether the tnufes-or* in the colleges will live there or slick to lower New York. Tn* nrw treatment i Hplii licriit I* u practical npplira- tii'ii of (hr latest advance* «-X|»*rini dl-c.i-e thus produced will vary willi tin- uiuuilily I'f tlm toxhic Itijnlnl. If Hm- flr-d d.**e given i* **■ small a* pnaliw-e only xlitrlti Mine-* a larger i|U.*nlin nmy In- mlirxlurnl a few days taler wlrb- imi producing ii "ii Hin if HJm . by pro* in 1 .’ tbr illtdithctia Unit- In* in nn-iit hruthl, if fifteen drops of the titrate contain- ing the Inline In Injected into a vein of u horse, the ani- mal will lie •rverrlv | nt tend* to cure the diwa-a- Tbew- ure the fucta ua upplted In the new aerum tmitmmt of diplitlieria Kxactly wlmt liapiwii K In III* ayatem of the animal duriii L’ tli* pri Kv-«» of Its la-.-. The loxine na it in injctied i« iu roinit way rendered liaruile** but whether by trtu* of the toxloo lua-lf. 'Du* word, like ita antilheaix toxin*, i* n trei M-ric term. I ton* mid Ilia rollnlmrators n't tlic Ptmteur Institute in Paris, w ho con- firm Ibhrlnc* elalnia Iu nil iom-ii- ti»l partimlnra. M-liioa buve hr* -uue ciitliiiaiiiatir over llie new tn-ntnient. It la e*mliilenlly Iwlievrd by those In *l i|liii1ttleil to jmli-e tlmt l be le sul:* will juailfy IIi Ih rolt Mener. And then the wlf same dainty mid subllr art etnpbiy The lily * eliasi* iw-rfertion of lienuty to destroy 1 li. .|is f in Mti V 1*1 l*U a lutnlr of fimdinbnm Inborn r*. be Id «tnt utiil nud li|ii M*ilhm arrived, anil at fire o'clock the next inoni • ill*, liming picked up the re-iustiiiau L' oompanir H 00 lire way, INdonul KT.»l of I he Mate united iu the iiiglivut praise of the Service* rendered. " lie Kurupt WH * iiflil ; and it is Japan or China wbieli it lo n Jni|M- Korea' a destiny At lirst thought of this lurid of fariluai Catlsay the Imagination is prune to create tex-m-v of Oriental splendor, archil ecture of lltc Al Untnbr.i, nnd lnnil«-u|»m mvtdiingly quaint and heuultfuf. Every article mod In PHOTOGRAPHY may I* obtained from ns. In this respect the Republican* in the Legis- lature* may do one of two things, and thus make up the record of the Republican party.

TIm* government's coin is nt the mercy of the holders of its ]n|ier.

and the bunks are unable to respond to the demands of business for currency. when the demand for currency in this country was clamorous, the national hanks wets- able tu increase their circulation about t3D.0QQ.0Ut).

Beyond a rertain point, note issues should be re- stricted by a heavy lax; but. refsiiral tliil U-r Mflrr thu nil-ill Going llltreilinilrllly » hull lute. I m'L'lit liu Ve nu imm- private talk with tin' Muripiis, I found tin- rnoma full nml brilliantly lighml, tin- Maircaar crowded with valets. who w»- s Hilidlng in tire iniddle of tin- floor talking with tin- Abhe Mevuil. nml IMihe dt- Hi Alnis MMleuvii-elle was se-tlaid on a couch by one of the ladies. I ait how r the Ahlre naked, with an answering shrug. Sliceouru-aieil to lire floor, nnd then st-aal dumb and mnfured, forgclilng even pi sit ihiwo, until I covered Irer with bluslre* hy beg ging iier to do no. 1 took my stand befure ber with niy lint in my h»ml l«u la-iw«»ii seeking for tho right danpllmeut uml trying lo trace a ri Bu'mli Uno. immsleur." she answered, in a whisper, tuid with dowm art e) *w. nrat thnt among the d Hiris on the floor Lay* a great stone. M 4 ♦-thb-busy-|qj •WORLD Arno li si of the trew volume of - Literary and Social Ea- My* " of Geurge William Curti*. U mmm Huttna, in the January number of H v actu s M.h,.\iim. originally delivered before tire Century Afsttrhi- lion, roost ilntes a brief recupl of Mr. rer forth with warm mid Bvnt|mllkelie uiipn-4 ialion of tire value of his ren irv*. As Un- otd cupli Un Walk'd 1 HU of the l.aillt every mult In it anise nud pr**t»cd far VMl I to bid bitn God *|H*d. Hepfwinbagcit w ** forced to go *l*p by step through (he hi-li«y of the foul bribery. Platt, in all his politi- cal schemes and tnanipulatinns, ha*, in gootl faith, only tin?

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